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Ball valves
Gate valves
Globe valves

About Hangna

Ningde Hangna Import and Export Trade Co.,Ltd is one of the industrial global valves supplier in China. Our wholesale valves range mainly including ball valves, butterfly valves, check valves, gate valves, globe valves, plug valves, strainers, fittings & flanges etc; Including variety kinds of valve's materials: carbon steel, low temperature carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron, etc.

Trade Experts

We are expecting to establish long-term business relationships and the mutually benefit with you in those fields.

High Quality

We concentrate on quality, professional manufacturer and responsible inspection team assure the valves goods well before shipped.

Reasonable Prices

Reasonable prices, efficient delivery time and good after-sales service as our business rules.
Manufacturing Process

Quality Assurance

China Industrial Valves Manufacturer, Pipeline Valves Supplier.

Advanced Valves Solutions

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  • Oil & Gas

    Advanced production techniques and pipeline processes in oil & gas applications are creating a demand for not only a new way of operating, but reliable types of equipment and valves. Hangna range of valves are used in oil & gas industries with varied pressure & temperature ratings. Read More

  • Petrochemical & Chemical

    Raffinate,Corrosive attacks,Lethal media,Phosgene GAS, Isocyanate, Polyethylene etc services can be found in Chemical and Petrochemical plants.Hangna range of valves are used in petrochemical industry with varied pressure & temperature ratings. Read More

  • Refining

    The refining industry has undergone many changes, from the methods of processing to the length of time that they operate their process units. Hangna range of valves are used in refining industry with varied pressure & temperature ratings. Read More

News Center
New API standard for offshore, onshore industry

The American Petroleum Institute has released its newest valve standard as part of the industry’s continuous efforts to improve operational safety and environmental protection. Specification 6A governs the design and operations of the critical safety valves at wells used in the offshore and onshore

AMPO POYAM VALVES to deliver 4.000 valves

SAMSUNG ENGINEERING has approached AMPO POYAM VALVES for the design and manufacture of more than 4.000 gate and globe valves for PTT Global chemical, olefins reconfiguration project in Thailand.

Ball valve vs butterfly valve

The ball valve is composed of valve:body,ball,stem,sealing ring,packing, etc., and the butterfly valve is composed of valve:body,disc,stem,packing,etc.We will find following differences between ball valve and butterfly valve,and these are main points:body’s type,working conditions,operation,etc

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