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Brief analysis of the fully welded ball valve's features

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-11-15      Origin: Site

The fully welded ball valve seat is made up of a carbonized Teflon seal ring and a disc spring, so it is adaptable to changes in pressure and temperature, and does not cause any slippage within the marked pressure and temperature range.

Brief analysis of features of fully welded ball valve

List of content for this article:

1.What is the Applications for fully welded ball valve?

2.What is the Features of fully welded ball valve?


What is the Applications for fully welded ball valve?

for City gas: gas output pipelines, main lines and supply lines for each branch line.


for Central heating: large heating equipment output pipeline, main line, branch line.


for Heat exchanger: The pipeline and each circuit are opened and closed.


for Steel plants: various fluid pipelines, exhaust gas pipelines, gas and heat supply pipelines, fuel supply pipelines.


for Various industrial equipment: various heat treatment pipes, various industrial gas and heat pipes.All welded ball valves will not have external leakage.


The processing of the sphere is tracked and detected by an advanced computer detector, so the processing accuracy of the sphere is high.


The length of the valve body and the height of the valve stem can be adjusted according to the construction and design requirements of the pipeline.


The processing precision of the sphere is very precise, the operation is light, and there is no adverse interference.Using advanced raw materials, it can maintain pressure above PN25.Compared with the same specification products of the same industry, the industrial valve body is small and the appearance is beautiful.


What is the Features of fully welded ball valve?

1. Fully welded ball valves can withstand frequent operation with impurities and chemical substances and have a long life.

2, Fully welded ball valve grinding stainless steel ball can ensure smooth opening and closing for many years, reliable operation.

3, Fully welded ball valve is enough float, the slope of elasticity to ensure that the seal ring pressed on the ball, in a timely manner in the case of unstable pressure, the valve can guarantee tight.

4. The anti-leakage structure of the all-fully welded ball valve stem uses two “o” rings to make the valve stem turn freely and tightly sealed.

5. Does not require maintenance, adjustment and lubrication, easy to install, long-term and reliable operation under low operating costs.

6. Welding one ball valve stem can be extended, easy to keep warm.

7. The operating handle can be removed, reversing installation.

8. Fully welded ball body does not contain heavy and unreliable castings.

9. It is very easy to install the adjustment mechanism.



Since the valve body material is the same as the pipe material, there will be no uneven stress, and it will not be deformed due to earthquakes and vehicles passing through the ground. The pipe is resistant to aging.The seal ring body is made of RPTFE with 25% Carbon (carbon) to ensure complete leak-free (0%).The direct-buried welded ball valve can be directly buried in the ground. It is not necessary to build a large valve well. It is only necessary to set up a small shallow well on the ground, which greatly saves construction costs and engineering time.

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