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Comparison Of Valves

  • Oct
    Gate valve vs isolation valve

    The isolation valve belongs to the on/off type valve, which is only in the open or closed state. Isolation valve is basically has a requirement for the leak level. Relatively speaking, the safety requirements are higher than that of the on/off valve, and some parts have higher requirements.

  • Oct
    Plug valve vs butterfly valve

    The most difference between plug valve and butterfly valve are following:structure,function in pipe system,stroke of valve etc.The plug valve is a fast-switching, straight-through valve that can also be used for suspended particles due to the wiping action between the rotary sealing surfaces .

  • Sep
    Globe valve vs butterfly valve

    What is the difference between a butterfly valve and a globe valve? To put it simply: the globe valve has better adjustment performance than the butterfly valve, and the butterfly valve has poor regulation performance.

  • Sep
    Gate valve vs globe valve

    Compared with the gate valve, the globe valve has the advantages of simple structure, good sealing performance and convenient manufacturing and maintenance; the disadvantage is that the liquid resistance is large, and the opening and closing forces are large.

  • Sep
    Gate valve vs check valve

    The gate valve refers to the valve that the closing part (gate) moves vertically along the channel axis. It is mainly used as the cutting medium in the pipeline, that is, it is fully open or fully closed.Check valve is automatically to open and close via media pass through.

  • Sep
    Gate valve vs butterfly valve

    Butterfly valves and gate valves are indispensable components in fluid pipelines, and they have a very wide range of applications. There is a difference in the function of the two, but the butterfly valve and the gate valve are more different. The most difference is appearance.

  • Sep
    Ball valve vs solenoid valve

    Ball valve, the opening and closing part ball is driven by the valve stem and rotates around the axis of the ball valve. It can also be used for fluid regulation and control. Solenoid valves are electromagnetically controlled industrial equipment.

  • Sep
    What is the difference between ball valve and diaphragm valve?

    Ball valve is evolved from plug valve. From following feature of these two kinds of valve,we will conclude the difference between ball valve and diaphragm valve.Ball valve has the same 90° lift action, except that the plug body is a ball with a circular through hole or passage through its axis.

  • Sep
    What is the difference between Ball valve and plug valve?

    Ball valve: The ball valve is developed on the basis of the plug valve. Its opening and closing part is a ball, which is opened and closed by rotating the ball 90° around the axis of the valve stem. The ball valve is mainly used to cut, distribute and change the flow direction of the medium.

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