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Comparison Of Valves

  • Sep
    Ball valve vs globe valve

    The difference of ball valve and globe valve is following:fluid resistance,structure,sealing face,operate type,maintain and applications field etc,ball have soft seated ball valve and metal seated ball valve,that’s depend on difference working conditions.

  • Sep
    Ball valve vs gate valve

    Compare ball valve with gate valve,it’s easy to find two kinds valve in the model and both of them are working in difference conditions for pipeline. Main differences are:advantages for working conditions,functions in the pipeline,structure,stroke of valve etc.

  • Sep
    What is different from ball valve and check valve?

    We will find following difference between ball valve and check valve:advantage of ball valve and check valve,structure,sealing performance,type etc.

  • Sep
    Ball valve vs butterfly valve

    The ball valve is composed of valve: body,ball,stem,sealing ring,packing, etc., and the butterfly valve is composed of valve: body,disc,stem,packing,etc. We will find following differences between ball valve and butterfly valve,and these are main points:body’s type,working conditions,operation,etc

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