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Triple Offset Butterfly Valve


The triple eccentric butterfly valve is a valve that has 3 balance contrasts and a concentric butterfly valve. Much the same as the double offset butterfly valve that has 2 balances, this triple counterbalance has the same counter balance aside from it and one extra counterbalance which is a funnel shape seat. This tapered-shape seat will match with the plate that is likewise created to match the seat.  

The characteristic of the triple eccentric butterfly valve is that the sealing structure is fundamentally changed, and it is no longer a positional seal, but a torsion seal, that is, it does not rely on the elastic deformation of the valve seat, but relies on the contact surface pressure of the valve seat to achieve the sealing effect, thus the problem of zero leakage for the metal valve seat is solved, and the contact surface pressure is proportional to the medium pressure, and the high pressure and high temperature's conditions are also solved.

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