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The suction and discharge valves on the hydraulic end of the pump are one of the essential components. Most of the reciprocating pump industrial valves are automatic valves. In order to ensure the timely opening and closing and accurate operation of the valve when the high viscosity liquid is delivered, the forced valve is used.



Gate valve types

The opening and closing member of the gate valve is a gate. The direction of movement of the gate is perpendicular to the direction of the fluid. The gate valve can only be fully open and fully closed, and cannot be adjusted and throttled.



How to solve the problem of leakage of the electric butterfly valve?

In the use of electric industrial butterfly valve, the use environment is often damaged due to leakage problems, so preventing leakage is an important problem that needs to be solved by electric butterfly valves. Introduce several methods that can effectively solve the leakage of electric butterfly valves.



Contribution by Industrial Valve Inventor

Ordinary electric valve is a universal execution unit, which is widely used in industrial process control field as a kind of important pneumatic actuators and has an irreplaceable role. The valve electric device invented by industrial valve inventor is based on the motor power.



Common quality problems and prevention methods in industrial valve grinding

Grinding is a method of finishing, and grinding waste are rarely seen. Due to the dimensional accuracy of the valve sealing surface, grinding waste is even rarer. Frequent occurrences of sealing surface grinding are irregularities in geometry, surface scratches, and grooving.



Gate valve maintenance

The professional maintenance work of the gate valve before and after the installation plays a vital role in the service of the gate valve. The correct and orderly maintenance will protect the gate valve, make the gate valve function properly and extend the gate valve life.



Gate valve installation

Gate valves can be divided into parallel gate valves, wedge gate valves, lift gate valves, rotary lever gate valves, quick opening and closing gate valves, shrink gate valves, and slab gate valves according to different classification methods.



Gate valve definition

The gate valve is a shutter of the opening and closing member. The direction of movement of the gate is perpendicular to the direction of the fluid. The gate valve can only be fully open and fully closed, and cannot be adjusted and throttled.



Gate valve advantages and disadvantages

The gate of the gate valve moves linearly with the valve stem, which is called the rising stem gate valve. Usually, there is a trapezoidal thread on the lifting rod, and the rotary motion is changed into a linear motion by the nut at the top end of the valve and the guide groove on the valve body.



Double cut off slab gate valve with diversion hole

The double-cut discharge slab gate valve with diversion hole is mainly used to cut off the medium. It is a kind of industrial valves and is used in many industrial fields, such as natural gas and petroleum.

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