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The Maintenance Period of Industrial Valve

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-07-27      Origin: Site

The Industrial valve is the necessary control and adjustment part inside of pneumatic actuators, and in order to make sure the normal running of the Industrial valve, it is necessary to lay emphasis on the Industrial valve maintenance period.


The Maintenance Period of Industrial Valve

List of content for this article:

1.The industrial valves equip status.

2.Industrial valve maintenance period

3.Water proof performance of the Industrial valve.


The industrial valve equip status


The industrial valve is equipped with pipelines as well as switches to control the water current and pressure of controlled medium. In addition, the Industrial valve is able to resist high temperature, high pressure, cold temperature, strong corrosion as well as high viscosity, but it is easy to crystallize at the same time. In addition, the pneumatic actuators is easy to be corroded, flushed, swelled, aged and destroyed, causing difficulty in manufacturing Industrial valve and using Industrial valve. Therefore, it is possible to pay attention to the Industrial valve maintenance period frequently.



Industrial valve maintenance period


First thing to pay attention to of the industrial valve maintenance period is to check before using the Industrial valve. It is necessary to check whether the components of the Industrial valve are perfect. And do not forget to check the running system so as to make sure the normal running when using it. And the inspection also includes whether all connecting bolts are fastened and whether there is any leakage phenomenon.


It is also possible to check whether there are any scratches or damaged parts on the Industrial valve. Actually, there is a sealing coverage on the Industrial valve to protect it from being corroded. Therefore, before using Industrial valve, it is possible to check whether the sealing part is complete so as to make sure the corrosion resistance performance.


Another tip of Industrial valve maintenance period is to use Industrial valve within regulated application range. Do not move any valves that are forbidden to touch in the middle of using the Industrial valve. And after finishing using the Industrial valve, it is possible to stop all valves and put them to the original positions. And it is possible to record the maintenance frequency, which is also a part of Industrial valve maintenance period. And it is better to lube or clean the Industrial valve regularly.


Water proof performance of the industrial valve


The Industrial valves are used to connect pipes that deliver water, oil and other liquids. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to the water proof performance of the Industrial valve. If delivering oil, it is possible to make sure the cleanliness of the Industrial valve, because the dust or impurity will have an influence on the quality of oil.


Another tip of the electric actuators maintenance period is to pay attention to the inspection after using Industrial valve. It is necessary to make sure that all the components are perfect. And there is no dust or impurities inside of Industrial valve influencing the operation of the Industrial valve. And remember to record the maintenance time of the Industrial valve, which is beneficial to understanding the Industrial valve maintenance period.


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