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The American Petroleum Institute has released its newest valve standard as part of the industry’s continuous efforts to improve operational safety and environmental protection. Specification 6A governs the design and operations of the critical safety valves at wells used in the offshore and onshore



Valve Market and situation in China

In our current valve on the market, in addition to low pressure valve acceptable to the international market level, the high-pressure valve still needs to rely on imports. Continued good macroeconomic situation, the valve industry most of the production and sales targets are maintained rapid growth.



The world's largest gate valve

The world's largest gate valve,the 108 inch bore Gate Valve (DN2800) have been manufactured and tested for America's first platinum-rated water pipeline project IPL (Integrated Pipeline).



Conventional Valve from China

Valve is important equipment in many process control systems, which has a significant impact on the reliability of the control system, the accuracy of the adjustment and the safety of the operation.



When Will Mexico Start To Frack For Natural Gas

Mexico has fracked just a few test wells, while the U.S. has had nearly 2 million commercial ones. Mexico hasn’t yet produced shale gas, compared to the U.S., which now that the Anadarko play in Oklahoma has been added to the EIA’s Drilling Productivity Report on 7 shale plays is producing 60 Bcf/d



Velan Wins Contract Worth USD 18M

Velan Inc.'s wholly owned subsidiary located in Lucca, Italy, has been awarded important contracts for the supply of three different types of valves to MODEC Offshore Production Systems (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.Velan ABV signed contracts with MODEC for the supply of API 6D and API 6A valves.



The Influence Of Oil And Gas Industry To Valve

Although there is not much change in the oil and gas development and transportation , the valve manufacturers have been constantly updated valve technology, and actively respond to the oil, natural gas industry market changes.



Analyses on Development Factors of the Chinese Valve Industry

Favorable factors(1) The "13th Five-Year" nuclear industry development plan stimulating the market demand for nuclear valvesNuclear power is recognized as the clean energy. With the development of nuclear power technology as well as its enhanced security and economy, the nuclear power has been respe



AMPO POYAM VALVES to deliver 4.000 valves

SAMSUNG ENGINEERING has approached AMPO POYAM VALVES for the design and manufacture of more than 4.000 gate and globe valves for PTT Global chemical, olefins reconfiguration project in Thailand.

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