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The Influence Of Oil And Gas Industry To Valve

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-08-29      Origin: Site


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Although there is not much change in the oil and gas development and transportation , the valve manufacturers have been constantly updated valve technology, and actively respond to the oil, natural gas industry market changes:

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l  The Influence Of Oil And Gas Industry To Valve

l What are the global valve markets?


The Influence Of Oil And Gas Industry To Valve

1.With the rapid growth of oil and natural gas demand in Metal seal the world market, the development of crude oil footprints also traveled every corner of the earth, crude oil extraction of the equipment put forward new requirements.

2.In 2002, the American Petroleum Institute Standard API 6D provides: design pressure higher than ASME Class 600 grade valve products must be designed to "explosion decompression." Soon, the valve manufacturers responded quickly, developed a "explosion decompression" seal and anti-"explosion decompression" valve to meet the harsh environmental requirements.

3. In pursuit of economic interests, many oil refineries are overloaded, with industrial process experience, the valve manufacturer will arrange the valves, reduce the possibility of the problem.

4.In order to ensure production,there is preventive maintenance of oil companies, andrequiring equipment maintenance cycle. A small number of well-profined valve manufacturers provided data analysis system to quantify the valve operation process to provide valve preventive maintenance time.

5. automatic implementation of the refining process automation is the trend, the middle of the control technology has been developed for a long period of time. The valve manufacturer installs the automatic actuator on the valve to meet the requirements of automatic control of production. Automated agency technology has been greatly developed.

What are the global valve markets?

Due to the increasingly fierce competition in the global valve market, many world-famous valve manufacturers have closed their factories in North America, Europe and Japan to China, India, South Korea and Central Europe to reduce valve manufacturing costs and increase sales profits. . With the increase in the development and utilization of oil and natural gas in China, the Chinese valve market has grown substantially, which makes most valve manufacturers pay more attention to building factories in China. As a result, there has been a boom in foreign valve companies building factories in China. Some companies even have multiple factories in China to shorten the transportation distance and delivery time.


In 2004, the American Valve Association announced that the US domestic valve market share reached 3.18 billion US dollars; according to China General Machinery Association data, China's valve market exceeded 20 billion yuan, by 2010, China's domestic valve demand will reach 34.5 billion yuan. Sales of various types of valves in the global market are around $40 billion. There are more than 2,000 valve manufacturers in China, plus more than 1,400 valve manufacturers in other developed and developing countries, which account for 80% of the global market share. The other 10 valve joint companies account for 20% of the global market. Share.


There are many types of valves and their applications are extensive. The oil and gas industry has always been the largest buyer in the valve market. Figure 1 shows the usage of the valve in various fields. From Figure 2, we can see that oil (including refining) and natural gas use the largest amount, accounting for 37.4% of the total use; valve use in the energy sector is 21.3%; third place is the chemical industry, which is 11.5%; It is in the field of water treatment and sewage treatment, 11.4%.


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