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Contribution by Industrial Valve Inventor

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-08-19      Origin: Site


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Ordinary electric valve is a universal execution unit, which is widely used in industrial process control field as a kind of important pneumatic actuators and has an irreplaceable role. The valve electric device invented by industrial valve inventor is based on the motor power, driving the mechanical reduction gear to transmit power to the valve, valve opening and closing of the final parts, so it is the core part of electric valve.


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List of content for this article:

1. Domestic industrial valve inventor

2. Universal valve has low requirements for controlling accuracy

3. The remote valve control system


In recent years, domestic industrial valve inventor, based on the introduction and absorption of international advanced technology, has been gradually mastered the core technology such as mechanical, manufacturing, and the price superiority, the dominant position in the domestic market. With the improvement of industrial automation level, especially the emergence of fieldbus technology, the site operation and simple point-to-point control function of electric valve is increasingly difficult to meet the needs of the market.


Industrial valve inventor abroad has produced fieldbus electric valve products in succession, but the prices are high. Therefore, improving the level of automation of our country's electric valve, modifying the domestic electric valve products, launching its own fieldbus products, improving product competitiveness as well as consolidating the domestic market and gradually participating in international competition are all of great significance in joining WTO today.industrial valve inventor’s inventing fieldbus has provided distribution solutions for industrial automation and has improved the level of the intelligent field devices and autonomy, making the installation and maintenance of the system easier than before.


Universal valve has low requirements for controlling accuracy, operating also being simpler with only three states, open, close and stop. According to industrial valve inventor, under normal circumstances, the operator controls the opening and closing of the valve at the scene through the operation of the valve controller, and the valve opening is indicated through the pointer instrument on the valve. In need of protection, the controller in the electric actuators controls on the valve stop function under fault condition, but as for the fault diagnosis, it can only rely on the operator's experience, and sometimes the operator even needs to open and check, which is really inconvenience.


The remote valve control system put forward by industrial valve inventor includes two levels of control, upper and lower. In addition to retaining the original site operation function, the operator can also make remote operation of valve through the upper machine. PC provides convenient operation of the human-computer interaction interface, supporting for different valves in the system of simple configuration and using database technology to realize the valves in the operation of the system status information and fault information management, which facilitates system maintenance. Besides having and lower machine communication of fieldbus interface, PC also should have Ethernet interface in order to realize the system and the external information interaction.


Under the premise of retaining electrical structure of the original electric actuators, the introduction of the micro controller technology is applied to embed control system, supporting both on-site operation and also supporting remote control of PC, the two of which can be switched by the switch on the scene. According to industrial valve inventor, lower machine control system increases the detection circuit and field bus interface, realizing the collection of a large number of fault information in the operation of the valve.

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