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Exploration and analysis of marine valve development

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-09-10      Origin: Site

In China, although the shipbuilding industry has achieved a favorable large-scale leapfrogging with the development of the entire social economy, its relatively major supporting technologies, such as the development of valve technology, are relatively lagging behind.


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List of content for this article:

1.Development measures of marine valve

2.Choice of marine pipeline valves


Due to the relatively large variety of valves used in the marine's pipelines, this creates difficulties in preparing and revising the appropriate standards for valves. Another aspect is that the use of valves in current marine pipelines in China is mainly based on manual valves such as a industrial globe valve and industrial gate valve. Such industrial valves are still relatively insufficient in terms of weight, volume, and sealing.


Development measures


Since many of the valves used in China's marine pipelines are still relatively traditional, and this part has a relatively large proportion, we have to update the old standard valves while developing new products. Can not ignore the relatively traditional old valves and always seek new. Another is that we have to work hard on product innovation, such as the consideration of the weight, size, and tightness of the valve, so that we can solve the problem from the most fundamental point. For example, the use of new valves such as industrial ball valve and industrial butterfly valve is promoted, and for some remotely controlled valves, efforts should be made to promote the use of marine pipelines. In the research of high-temperature-resistant valves, low-temperature resistant valves, pressure regulating valves, etc., efforts should be made to increase effective research and development.


Choice of marine pipeline valves


There are a large number of valve types and specifications in the use of valves for marine pipelines. How to choose them is the problem we need to analyze in-depth. First of all, we need to know the basic characteristics of the valve, such as the temperature resistance of the valve, the pressure resistance, the place of use of the valve and the circulating medium in the pipeline. Secondly, we should also choose relatively inexpensive products to use according to the actual situation. Of course, we should choose the valve with the right price to install and adopt under the premise of ensuring the performance is safe and reliable. In short, the principle of marine pipeline valve selection is that the quality and safety are reliable and the applicability is strong.


With the continuous development of China's overall shipbuilding industry, the entire pipeline valve production industry has also been relatively large-scale, and for most companies, we can not only produce those industrial general-purpose valves, but also some new types. The design and manufacture of valves, as well as relative R&D and manufacturing capabilities, are relatively mature. With the optimization and upgrading of the entire manufacturing industry in China, under the great opportunity of the country's economic and social development, we believe that the entire shipbuilding industry will receive more and more attention and input in the future, and China's shipbuilding industry will continue to achieve excellent results. At the same time, the whole domestic marine pipeline valve industry is also constantly innovating, and the technical level of its pipeline valves will be improved faster and more. 

Finally, in the planning and development of the entire pipeline valve in China, we must make a reasonable layout and achieve scientific development. We must not be eager to seek new changes. We must adhere to product innovation while carrying out the reform and upgrading of traditional old product models, and we must do scientific development in the overall industrial layout to prevent overcapacity. It is believed that under the good environment and the joint efforts of our company, China's marine pipeline valve industry will achieve the expected good results.

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