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These are related to the ball valve news, in which you can learn about the updated information in ball valve, to help you better understand and expand ball valve market. Because the market for ball valve is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.

The industrial valve is a kind of common component in electric actuator. The typical industrial valve is composed of butterfly valve, ball valve as well as plug valve. Due to the different classifications of industrial valve, the industrial valve working principles are various.



The purpose and comparison of ball valve globe valve and gate valve

Ball valves are evolved from plug valves. It has the same rotation of 90 degrees, except that the plug body is a sphere with a circular through hole or its axis. The ratio of the spherical surface to the passage opening should be such that when the ball is rotated 90 degrees, the spherical surface should be entirely present at the inlet and outlet to intercept the flow.



The Importance of Industrial Valve Technology

The Industrial valve is the general name of several valves such as ball valve, plug valve as well as butterfly valve. And it is a kind of component for devices like electric actuator or pneumatic actuator. Due to the presence of new technology, the Industrial valve is able to possess higher performance and wider applications.



The Applications of Industrial Valve

The Industrial valve is a crucial component of electric actuator. It is used to connect two pipelines and control the fluid. Although having some problems in technology, the Industrial valve still has its own application due to the advantages and wide functions.



Manual valve safety operation procedures

Common manual valves, including ball valve, gate valve, globe valve, butterfly valve, plug valve, etc., are the most widely used valves. Their handwheels or handles are designed according to ordinary manpower, taking into account the strength of the sealing surface and the required closing force.



Exploration and analysis of marine valve development

Due to the relatively large variety of valves used in the marine's pipelines, this creates difficulties in preparing and revising the appropriate standards for valves. Another aspect is that the use of valves in current marine pipelines in China is mainly based on manual valves such as a globe valve and gate valve. Such industrial valves are still relatively insufficient in terms of weight, volume, and sealing.



Structural features of high-temperature and high-pressure hard seal ball valve

The structural characteristics of the high temperature and high-pressure hard seal ball valve is difference from soft seated ball valve, following features we could figure out the differences and help know more about the hard seal industrial ball valve.



Improvement of the ball valve seal

The cast ball valve is an ideal opening and closing device in the ash slag pipeline. The sealing on it directly affects the quality and service life of the valve. In the past, an O-shaped rubber sealing structure was adopted, in which an O-ring was placed in an annular groove machined on a shaft, and then assembled into a hole formed in the sleeve part to form a seal of the shaft and the hole.



What are the material of trunnion ball valve?

Trunnion mounted ball valve body material: WCB, WC6, WC9, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, etc. The trunnion mounted American standard ball valve usually uses rubber, nylon and Teflon as the seat seal material, so its use temperature is affected by the valve seat.



What are the dimensions of trunnion ball valve

Trunnion ball valve dimensions are following,include ANSI casting steel trunnion mounted ball valve,DIN casting steel trunnion mounted ball valve,ANSI forged steel trunnion mounted ball valve.

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