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Some Tips for Valve Daily Maintenance

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-11-11      Origin: Site

Valve daily maintenance is very importance, following are some instructions for valve daily maintenance. Doing these tasks well is believed to be very helpful for prolonging the service life of the valve, and it can also reduce a lot of unnecessary troubles.


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List of content for this article:

1. The valve storage and daily inspection,

2. The grease maintenance work for valves.


First, the valve storage and daily inspection

1. The valve should be stored in a dry and ventilated room, both ends of the channel must be blocked.

2. Valves stored for a long period of time should be inspected periodically to remove dirt and apply anti-rust oil on the processed surface.

3. After installation, inspections should be carried out regularly to check the main items:

(1) Seal surface wear.

(2) The trapezoidal thread wear of the stem and stem nut.

(3) Whether the filler is out of date, if it is damaged, replace it in time.

(4) The sealing performance test shall be conducted after the valve is repaired and assembled.


Second, the grease maintenance work for valves

The professional maintenance work of the valve before and after welding is put into production and plays a vital role in the service of the valve in the production and operation. Correct, orderly and effective maintenance will protect the valve, enable the valve to function normally and prolong the use of the valve’s life. Valve maintenance work are often neglected aspects of work.


When the valve is filled with grease, the amount of grease is often ignored. After the grease gun is refueled, the operator selects the valve and grease injection method and then performs the grease injection operation. There are two situations: On the one hand, the amount of grease injected is insufficient, the grease injection is insufficient, and the sealing surface accelerates wear due to lack of lubricant. On the other hand, excessive fat injection causes waste. There is no precise calculation of the different valve seal capacities depending on the type of valve. The seal capacity can be calculated by the size and type of the valve, and the proper amount of grease can be properly injected.


When the valve is filled with grease, the pressure problem is often neglected. During the grease injection operation, the pressure of the injection grease changes regularly. The pressure is too low, the seal leaks or the failure pressure is too high, the grease injection port is blocked, the sealed grease is hardened, or the seal ring, valve ball and valve plate are locked. When the injection pressure is too low, the injected grease flows into the bottom of the valve chamber, which usually occurs in the small gate valve. The injection pressure is too high, on the one hand to check the grease injection nozzle, if the grease hole is blocked and the condition is changed, on the other hand, the grease is hardened, the cleaning fluid is used, the softened sealing grease is repeatedly softened, and the new grease is injected. In addition, the sealing type and the sealing material also affect the injection pressure. Different sealing types have different injection pressures. In general, the hard sealing pressure is higher than the soft sealing.

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