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Analyses on Development Factors of the Chinese Valve Industry

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-08-29      Origin: Site


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Favorable factors

(1) The "13th Five-Year" nuclear industry development plan stimulating the market demand for nuclear valves

Nuclear power is recognized as the clean energy. With the development of nuclear power technology as well as its enhanced security and economy, the nuclear power has been respected by more and more people gradually. There are a great number of nuclear valves used for the nuclear power equipment. As the rapid development of the nuclear power industry, the demand for the nuclear valves continue to increase.


According to the "13th Five-Year" nuclear industry development plan, the installed capacity of the nuclear power is expected to reach 40 million kilowatts in 2020; the generation capacity of the nuclear power is expected to reach 2,600 million to 2,800 million kwh. On the basis of the capacity of the nuclear power in construction and operation being 16.968 million kilowatts, the installed capacity of the newly installed nuclear power is about 23 million kilowatts. At the same time, considering the follow-up development of nuclear power, the nuclear power capacity should be maintained at about 18 million kilowatts at the end of 2020.


(2) The market demand for the petrochemical special service valves and the super cryogenic valves being large

China's petroleum industry and petrochemical industry are moving in the direction of large-scale development and will continue to maintain the sustainable development in the next five years. There are more than ten 10-million-ton oil refineries and megaton ethylene plants facing new construction and expansion. The petrochemical industry is also facing transformation and upgrading. The different kinds of the energy-saving environmental protection projects, such as the waste recycling, create the huge new market space for the petrochemical special service valves, the flanges, the forge pieces, etc. With the promotion of clean energy applications, the popularity of LNG will be given further attention, which will make the demand for the super cryogenic valves substantially increased. The key valves used for the supercritical thermal power units have depended on imports for a long time, which not only increases the cost of electricity construction, but also is not conducive to the technological progress of the domestic valve manufacturing industry. In the aspect of large gas turbines, China also has invested a large sum of money as well as much manpower to the introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation so as to change the situation in which large gas turbines and their key equipment are dependent on imports. Under this background, the petrochemical special service valves, the super cryogenic valves, the vacuum butterfly valves for the supercritical thermal power units, etc. will face a larger market demand.

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