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Conventional Valve from China

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-10-31      Origin: Site


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Valves are important equipments in many process control systems, which has a significant impact on the reliability of the control system, the accuracy of the adjustment and the safety of the operation. From the point of the way of driving, conventional valve from china can be divided into pneumatic actuators, pneumatic valve and hydraulic valve.


And electric valve is a device that consists of testing device, regulator and executive parts, which is commonly used in industrial automatic control of the regulator.

Compared with the pneumatic actuators, electric valve basically has the following advantages:

(1) No need of special air supply and air purifying device, so the energy use is convenient;

(2) High signal transmission rate, and also for long distance signal transmission;

(3) The way of the cable is much more convenient than gas or liquid pipe laying, and easy to check the line;

(4) High sensitivity and precision, smooth adjustment process, which is convenient for centralized control.

Conventional valve from china, with its advantages, has been more and more widely used in the power generation, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, aerospace, mold, food, medicine, packaging industry. Its main function is to connect or cut off the fluid circulation of the medium inside the pipeline, to change the flow direction of medium and to adjust the medium pressure and flow rate, etc.


From the distribution of the market, conventional valve from china was mainly dependent on the construction of the big domestic projects. The big users of conventional valve from china are departments of petrochemical industry, electric power, metallurgy industry, chemical industry and urban construction industry, etc. There are more than 2000 valve enterprises that have certain scales on the market at present, most of which are distributed in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces and the central plains area. Now products of conventional valve from china are faced with good opportunities and challenges of development.


The oil development including the expansion of mainland oil fields and offshore oil fields, the electric power industry from 300000 kw to 300000 kw thermal power under thermal power and hydro power and nuclear power development, the urban construction with the development of environmental protection and energy-saving, energy developing requirement to the development of energy efficiency, all these factors will promote the development of conventional valve from china to different degrees. We should change its performance based on the changes of the equipment application fields to expand electric valves research and development space.


Therefore, the integrated use of digital technology, power electronic technology, embedded technology, ac frequency conversion speed regulation technology, communication technology and other advanced technologies should be considered. Aiming at the production requirements of site operation, remote control, centralized management, we should develop new type of electric valve positioner with advanced performance, perfect functions, being suitable for industrial production and development needs in China. It will have an important practical significance.


The research and development of electric actuators from china is later than abroad and the earliest development of the technology relied on the former Soviet Union. In the early 1970s, several units cooperated to develop the DDZ - S series of products, and there were multiple models that can be used in production.

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