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Swing check valve maintenance manual

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-10-19      Origin: Site

The valve flap of the swing check valve is disc-shaped and rotates around the shaft of the valve seat passage. The flow passage is streamlined and the flow resistance is smaller than that of the butterfly check valve. It is suitable for low flow rate and irregular flow.


Sump Pump Flanged Carbon Steel WCB Swing Check Valve

List of content for this article:

1. Principle structure

2. Installation maintenance


Principle structure

The swing check valve is also called a check valve or a check valve, and its function is to prevent the medium in the pipeline from flowing backward. The valve of the opening and closing member is opened or closed by the flow of the medium and the force to prevent the back flow of the medium from being called a check valve. The check valve is an automatic valve type, mainly used for the one-way flow of the medium, only allowing the medium to flow in one direction to prevent accidents. This type of valve should generally be installed horizontally in the pipeline.


During use of the valve, the medium flows in the direction of the arrow shown.

1. When the medium flows in the specified direction, the valve flap is subjected to the medium force. When the medium is reversed by the medium, the valve flap and the sealing surface of the valve seat are closely sealed due to the self-weight of the valve disc and the reverse force of the valve flap. Closed the valve is that to prevent the reverse flow of the medium.

2. The sealing surfaces of the valve body and the disc are made of stainless steel.


Installation maintenance

1. The valve passage must be blocked at both ends, there is a dry and ventilated room. If stored for a long time, always check for anti-corrosion.

2. The valve should be cleaned before installation, and eliminate the defects caused during transportation.

3. When installing, you must carefully check whether the signs and nameplates on the valve meet the requirements for use.

4. The lift vertical flap check valve should be installed on the horizontal pipe.

5. The lift horizontal flap check valve should be installed on the vertical pipe.

6. Do not allow the check valve to bear weight in the pipeline. The large check valve should be independently supported so that it is not affected by the pressure generated by the piping system.

7. When installing the check valve, pay special attention to the flow direction of the medium. The normal flow direction of the medium should be consistent with the direction of the arrow indicated on the valve body, otherwise the normal flow of the medium will be cut off. The bottom valve should be installed at the bottom of the pump suction line.

8. The general lift check valve should be installed on the horizontal pipeline, the vertical lift check valve and the bottom valve are generally installed on the vertical pipeline, and the medium flows from bottom to top.

9. When the check valve is closed, water hammer pressure will be generated in the pipeline. If it is serious, it will cause damage to the valve, pipeline or equipment, especially for large-mouth pipeline or high-pressure pipeline, so it should cause the check valve selector. Highly noticed.

Large-caliber occasions of variation, but not suitable for pulsating flow, the sealing performance is not as good as lifting. The butterfly check valve is divided into three types: single-valve, double-valve and multi-half. These three forms valves are mainly divided according to the valve diameter. The purpose is to prevent the hydraulic shock from being weakened when the medium stops flowing or reverses.


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