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A list of these flow rate articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional flow rate, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.

Control valve requirements: control boiler water intake, ensure steam evaporation, maintain boiler water level, that’s attached boiler feed valve system contains two control valves, one for boiler start-up, one for normal water supply.



Use of check valve

Since the check valve is qualitatively determined for quick closing in most practical applications, the medium is directional in the moment the check valve is closed, and the medium rapidly drops from a large reverse speed as the valve flap closes.



Check valve applications

Check valves are used to prevent back flow of media in pipes or equipment. It uses the kinetic energy of the fluid to turn it on. In heating systems, check valves are often installed at the pump outlet and where other fluids are not allowed to flow in the opposite direction.



Butterfly valve maintenance

The rubber elastomer in the butterfly valve may cause tearing, abrasion, aging, perforation or even falling off during continuous use. The traditional thermal vulcanization process is difficult to adapt to the needs of on-site repair valves.



Conventional Valve from China

Valve is important equipment in many process control systems, which has a significant impact on the reliability of the control system, the accuracy of the adjustment and the safety of the operation.



Globe valve vs piston(lift) check valve

The structure of piston check valve is similar to globe valve,but these two kinds of have have some differences between globe valve and piston check valve,the operation of piston check valve is flow automatic,the globe valve have a handwheel to operating,this is most difference of valve’s type.



Globe valve vs butterfly valve

What is the difference between a butterfly valve and a globe valve? To put it simply: the globe valve has better adjustment performance than the butterfly valve, and the butterfly valve has poor regulation performance.

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