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How to choose the power plant control valve

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-11-01      Origin: Site

Control valve requirements: control boiler water intake, ensure steam evaporation, maintain boiler water level, that’s attached boiler feed valve system contains two control valves, one for boiler start-up, one for normal water supply.


power plant control valve

List of content for this article:

1. Working conditions for difference power plant valves.

2. Control valve requirements for valve's material and feature.


Working condition:

When the boiler starts working, the valve pressure difference can reach 100-300 kg, the flow rate is small, the pressure difference is small during normal operation, when the flow rate is large, and the flow rate adjustable ratio is 75/1-100/1.


Valve requirements

WCB/WC9, for the starter valve in the double valve system requires anti-cavitation, V-level shutdown level, for the composite type water supply valve to use the characteristic valve internals to meet the needs of boiler start-up and normal operation.


Boiler feed pump minimum flow circulation valve

Control requirements: Make the boiler feed pump safely start and stop running, and eliminate the damage caused by the flow being too small, the temperature rise is increased, and the water is strongly cavitation. (Old-typed power plants have a switch-type minimum flow control valve, as well as a mechanical pump automatic circulation valve).


Working condition: The pressure drop reaches 160-350 kg, which is the valve with the largest pressure difference in the power station system, and the flow rate is 30% of the normal flow.

Valve requirements: anti-cavitation, anti-blocking structure, V-class sealing level, the valve works continuously when the pump starts and stops running, the valve is closed after the pump starts normally, and the valve is usually faulting open.


High and low heater traps (water supply heater hydrophobic, condensate heater hydrophobic)

Control requirements: control the position of the condensate in the heater, discharge the condensate in time, discharge at a high water level, and drain the normal water level.

Working condition: saturated water, the control valve pressure difference between the heaters is generally 6-30 kg, and the last stage steam trap is directly connected to the condenser or deaerator. Valve requirements: anti-flash scouring, V or VI seal rating, the valve is usually faulting open.


Deaerator water level control valve (DALC)

Control requirements: Provide flow to maintain the normal water level of the deaerator, increase the water temperature by adding steam to eliminate the gas dissolved in the water.

Working condition: The flow in the starting stage is small, the pressure difference is large, the normal flow is large, the pressure difference is small, and the working condition is similar to the water supply valve.

Valve requirements: Effective against cavitation at lower flow rates.


Desuperheater (desuperheater)

Control requirements: Inject high-pressure water into the steam to make the steam temperature meet the control requirements. The working condition: water, pressure difference is large,

Valve requirements: Various types: nozzle type, auxiliary atomization type, self-contained type, and clip type.

Desuperheating pressure reducing valve (high and low-pressure bypass valve)

Control requirements: The high temperature and high-pressure steam is adjusted to a certain temperature and pressure steam to provide a bypass passage for the steam turbine to work independently. Valve requirements: resistance to thermal shock, noise reduction, and rapid response.

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