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triple offset butterfly valve

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What are the technical difficulties of high-temperature three-eccentric metal hard-seal butterfly valves? What problems have been encountered in design and development? How to solve them?



What can butterfly valve be used for

Butterfly valves are used in a wide range of applications and are suitable for flow regulation. Because the butterfly valve has a large pressure loss in the pipeline, it is about three times that of the gate valve.



Triple offset butterfly valve specification

The triple offset butterfly valve has a slanting circular shape (the third eccentricity of the so-called triple eccentricity) except that the wide rod and the valve plate have two eccentricities.



Triple offset butterfly valve definition

The valve stem axis simultaneously deviates from the disc center and the body center, and the valve seat turns the axis and the valve body channel axis has certain Angle, is called the Triple offset butterfly valve



Triple offset butterfly valve characteristics

The axial center of the valve stem is simultaneously deviated from the center of the disc and the center of the body, and the rotation axis of the valve seat has a certain angle with the axis of the valve body passage, which is called triple offset butterfly valve.



Triple offset butterfly valve advantage

Since the introduction of the triple offset butterfly valves for more than 50 years, these 50 years have been continuously developed, and the application of butterfly valves has spanned many industries.



Difference between double and triple offset butterfly valve

The double offset butterfly valve is characterized in that the shaft center of the valve stem is offset from both the center of the disc and the center of the body. The double offset effect allows the disc to be quickly disengaged from the valve seat after the valve is opened, which greatly eliminates unnecessary over-squeezing and scraping of the disc and the valve seat, reduces the opening resistance, reduces wear and improves the seat life.



Double offset butterfly valve design

The two eccentricities of the double offset butterfly valve refer to the eccentricity of the rotating center line of the disc and the eccentricity of the sealing line and the eccentricity of the center line of rotation of the disc and the center line of the channel.



Difference between offset butterfly valves

The offset butterfly valve is divided into single offset butterfly valve, double offset butterfly valve, and triple offset butterfly valve. A butterfly valve whose valve stem axis is at the same time deviated from the center of the disc and the center of the body, and whose sealing pair is a slanting vertebra is called an offset butterfly valve.



Development of triple offset butterfly valve

The superior performance of butterfly valve is closely related to their constant eccentricity, evolution and development. In order to meet various working conditions, the butterfly valve has experienced the evolution from concentric to single eccentricity, double eccentricity and triple eccentricity.

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