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How to solve technical difficulties for high-temperature triple offset butterfly valve?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-04-09      Origin: Site


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What are the technical difficulties of high-temperature triple offset metal hard-seal industrial butterfly valve? What problems have been encountered in design and development? How to solve them?


The technical difficulties of high-temperature metal hard seal triple offset butterfly valve include the following aspects: 1. Valve selection. 2. Solve the problem of valve lock and calculate the amount of expansion of high-temperature material. 3. Welding and hardening of high-temperature materials. 4. Three-dimensional simulation simulates the force analysis test under high-temperature conditions. 5. Process realization process. 6, mold production.

high-temperature triple offset butterfly valve 

The solution mainly covers the following parts:

(1) Structural design scheme

There are various forms of butterfly valves, such as center line butterfly valve, double eccentric butterfly valve and triple eccentric butterfly valve. The first two butterfly valves have simple structure, easy processing, and relatively low manufacturing cost, but the position of the valve seat at the upper and lower shafts of the butterfly valve is poorly sealed; the double eccentric butterfly valve has geometric interference, and the valve seat must be designed to be elastic to overcome the interference at the upper and lower shafts to achieve sealing. Under high-temperature conditions, the structure and gap design between the rotating parts is also a big difficulty. It must be ensured that the switch is smooth and the sealing is good under high-temperature conditions. However, in the high-temperature environment of 800 ° C, the elastic valve seat may fail and the entire operating system will be invalid. Finally, after several discussions and researches, it was decided to adopt the three-eccentric butterfly valve structure. Although the design and processing difficulty increased several times, the application is reliable under such working conditions.


(2) Selection of high-temperature resistant materials

under 800 °C high-temperature environment, equivalent to placing the valve in a steel making furnace, the valve should be properly sealed, the material selection is a problem, especially the sealing and sealing function. 


(3) The mold making process is the most difficult in the whole processing and manufacturing process

Due to the large diameter, the production equipment is very demanding.


(4) Processing and welding and equipment

For example, size DN1800 high-temperature triple eccentric butterfly valve, valve body outer diameter 2250mm, valve body total height 3820mm, sealing ring outer diameter 1722mm, large diameter valve processing is difficult, precision for making and processing tire, The requirements are high, the sealing surfacing process is complicated, the welding is difficult too, the high-precision machine tools and senior technicians are used for large size, and various problems in welding and processing are solved by external experts, and even the large-caliber processing equipment of the shipyard is used to complete the valve. The production process is complicated, and it is necessary to process the matching processing tires.


(5) High-temperature test

Whether the strength and reliability of the material can be guaranteed, the final data must be obtained through experiments. In order to ensure the reliable operation of the valve, we contacted a qualified and powerful heat treatment company to allow the valve to be in a high-temperature environment of 800°C. The valve action test in the environment has withstood the test of harsh conditions.

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