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Butt Welding High Pressure Motorized Gate Valve Isolation


High Pressure Gate Valve Detail

Design standard: API 600.

Body material:A217 WC9.

Nominal diameter: 20".

Pressure: CL2500.

End connection: BW.

Face to face: ASME B16.10.

Working temperature: -30℃~+593℃. 

Mode of operation: Motorized.

Test and inspection: API 598.

Finished Surface: Painting.

High Pressure Gate Valve Product Range

Standards: API, ANSI, BS, DIN and JIS. 

Body Material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy steel. 

Normal diameter: 1/2"~60" (DN15~DN1500).

End connection: BW, Flanged.

Pressure range: CL150~CL2500(PN16~PN420).

Operation: Handwheel, Gearbox, Electric, Pneumatic, Electro hydraulic actutor, Gas over oil actuator.

Working temperature: -46℃~+560℃.

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