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Factors influencing butterfly valve online

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-12-19      Origin: Site


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The closing of the butterfly valve online (disc) in the middle of the medium, when the design should consider the influence of the convective resistance. About the structure of large diameter butterfly plate, the American association of water supply engineering standards, the butterfly plate should not have transverse reinforcement; the thickness shall not be greater than 2125 times the diameter of the stem.

Here is the content list:

  • What is design of butterfly valve?

  • Why cannot some butterfly valve enjoy a prolonged life?

  • What is stiffness of butterfly valve?

What is design of butterfly valve?

Butterfly plate into the water and the surface should be streamlined, internal screw not bulge on the outside of the butterfly plate, so as not to increase the area.

A foreign company produces the butterfly valves online in order to reduce the flow resistance will made discus butterfly plate shape, there are also firms that will be small butterfly valve online butterfly plate do very thin, and the water pipe network in butterfly valve online in full open position when the butterfly plate has a diversion, is to reduce the flow resistance.


Why cannot some butterfly valve enjoy a prolonged life?

Sometimes the rubber double offset butterfly valve online service life is short, which is related to the quality of rubber and sealing surface width. Rubber sealing butterfly valve online sealing ring should choose high quality rubber materials, in the molding process should strictly control the pressure molding process, do not arbitrarily increase the curing temperature, shorten the time, otherwise easy to cause aging and cracking of the seal. When applying electric actuator, the width of rubber sealing ring and metal sealing surface should be enough, otherwise the rubber sealing ring is not easy to be embedded. In addition, the shape of the valve body and disc position tolerance, symmetry, precision and smoothness, sealing pressure capacity also affect the service life of rubber seals.


What is stiffness of butterfly valve?

The ability of stiffness is an problem of importance in online design of butterfly valve, which is related to butterfly plate, valve shaft and connection factors.

(1) valve shaft size:

AWWA C504 specified in valve shaft dimensions. Valve shaft size can not meet the requirements, there may be insufficient stiffness, reverse sealing leakage, opening torque and other phenomena. The size of valve shaft is generally calculated by torsion, which is not only related to torque, but also mainly related to bending moment. Compared with torque, the online bending moment of large-diameter butterfly valve is larger.

(2) shaft hole fit:

As specified in the old AWWA C504, the butterfly valve shaft is a through shaft. After the 1980 edition, it was proposed to make two short axes. AWWA C504 and GB12238 stipulate that the embedded length of shaft and hole should be 115-d. The Japanese butterfly valve body is between the axial dimension edge and the disc bearing clearance (C value), generally related to the diameter size, between 25 and 45mm, or minimize the distance between the bearings (C value) to reduce bending. Shaft torques and deformations.

(3) butterfly valve on line structure:

There is a direct relationship between butterfly plate structure and stiffness. In a word, in order to increase the moment of inertia, in order to improve the stiffness.

(4) body structure:

In the design of large diameter butterfly valve, there is also the problem of body stiffness. In general, there are ring muscles and transverse tendons, transverse tendons actually increase stability, not too much, mainly ring tendons.


All the butterfly valves should be installed according to the manufacturer's installation instructions, especially heavy butterfly valve should set a solid foundation. If you choose our butterfly valves, we will provide quality service to help you maximize the effectiveness of the butterfly valve. Welcome to ningde hangna company to buy the best quality butterfly valve!

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