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floating ball valve

A list of these floating ball valve articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional floating ball valve, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.

Ball valve is mainly used in connecting or blocking line medium, especially in the pleading agile open closed parts, such as emergency relief. Because the ball valve has a brief layout, less parts, light weight, good sealing performance advantages.



What is the usage of the ball valve?

The ball valve is one of many fluid control valves. The opening and closing member is a circular spherical body with a hole, and the ball is rotated back and forth around the axis of the rod by 0-90° to achieve the purpose of opening or closing the flow.



What is the definition of a ball valve?

Ball valve, the opening and closing part(sphere) is driven by the valve stem and rotates around the axis of the ball valve. It can also be used for fluid regulation and control.



Floating ball valve working

The ball of the floating ball valve is floating without a mounted shaft. Under the action of the medium pressure, the ball can generate a certain displacement and press on the sealing ring at the outlet end to ensure the sealing of the outlet end, which is a single-sided forced seal.



Floating ball valve vs ball valve

Floating ball valves are mainly used to cut off or turn on the medium, and can also be used for fluid regulation and control. The ball of the floating ball valve has only the upper valve stem, and the ball can be slightly displaced, so it is called a floating ball valve.



Floating ball valve specification

The floating ball valve has a motion of 90° of rotation, the body of the plug is a sphere, with a circular through hole or passage through its axis. The ball valve is mainly used in the pipeline to cut, distribute and change the flow direction of the medium.



Floating ball valve description

Floating ball valves are used primarily in the pipeline to cut, distribute and change the direction of flow of the medium. Floating ball valve is a new type of valve widely used in recent years.



Floating ball valve definition

The floating ball valve has a simple structure and good sealing performance, but the load of the ball subjected to the working medium is all transmitted to the outlet sealing ring, so it is necessary to consider whether the sealing ring material can withstand the working load of the spherical medium.



Floating ball valve advantages

There are many types of ball valves, and floating ball valve is one of them. Like other valves, the floating ball valve has the advantages of reliable valve stem sealing and a wide range of applications.



Difference between trunnion and floating ball valve

The floating ball valve is small in size, light in weight and simple in structure. The ball of the floating ball valve has a free floating function, which can better ensure the sealing; the ball can be freely rotated in the seat sealing ring by means of the valve stem.

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