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Plug valve vs needle valve

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-10-10      Origin: Site

The comprehensive feature of the plug valve is that it has a long service life and high reliability. It is a good choice for many corrosive, abrasive, highly toxic, continuous operation media and devices, and has application advantages and extensive applications in the chemical industry.

 plug valve          needle valve

For the main applicability of the plug valve, there are the following application advantages:

1. The valve body is integrated, top-loading design, simple structure, convenient online maintenance, no valve body leakage point, and support higher pipe system strength.

2. The medium in the chemical process has strong corrosive. At the chemical industry site, the valve body is often corroded by the medium.

3. Minimally simple internals, the opening and closing parts, that is, the cock is completely covered by the bushing, the valve body and the cock are not worn, the simple and economical bushing and the top seal can be replaced to complete the repair and update of the valve, which can reach 300 ° C Long-term use requirements have considerable competitive advantages compared to metal hard-sealed ball valve that are part of this application range.

4. The whole processing surface of the plug valve has only the top surface and the flange. All other parts are cast and molded at one time. There is no machining inside the valve body.

5. The plug valve can be added to a variety of designs according to user needs to achieve specific functions. The plug valve is the leader in custom-made valve products. The plug valve is easy to customize for customer process.

6. No gap and face seal is still the unique characteristics of the plug valve

7. The coated bushing provides surface sealing characteristics, which can strictly control the “zero leakage” test requirements of API 598 soft sealing seat, and can meet the stem sealing requirements of TA-Luft or ISO 15848.


The needle valve is a valve that can be precisely adjusted. It is widely used, such as the cutting distance for flame cutting. The knob for adjusting the flame temperature is a needle valve. The instrument needle valve is an important part of the instrument measurement pipeline system. It mainly has a globe valve type and a ball valve type. Its function is to open or cut the pipeline passage. The spool of the needle valve is a sharp cone, which is inserted into the valve seat like a needle.


The corrosion protection of the needle valve body is mainly made of stainless steel and carbon steel. Although the information on corrosion protection is very rich, it is still not easy to choose the right one because the problem of corrosion is complicated. The difficulty in choosing the valve body material is that it cannot only consider the corrosion problem, but also must consider the pressure and temperature resistance, whether it is economically reasonable, and whether it is easy to purchase.


The second is to take lining measures, such as lead-lined, lining aluminum, lining engineering plastics, lining natural rubber and various synthetic rubber. This is a saving method if the media conditions permit.

Thirdly, when the pressure and temperature are not high, the non-metal valve body material is often very effective in preventing corrosion.


In addition, the outer surface of the needle valve is also corroded by the atmosphere, and the general steel materials are protected by brushing.

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