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The introduction of butterfly valve

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-12-24      Origin: Site


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The butterfly valve parts are special types of valves that are mostly used to control the fluids. Normally the shape of butterfly valve looks like a large circle with a small metal disc, which can rotate along the axis of butterfly valve.


The butterfly valve is controlled by manual operation and electric actuators. In the modern industries, people can easily control the flow inside the pipes by using butterfly valve. Mostly, the electric actuators will drive the metal disc to rotate once it gets the signal coming from the controlling system or automatic transducers. The rotation angle of the middle metal disc can directly limit the flow. Thus butterfly valve is also called quarter-turn valves. When the disc is completely closed, the fluids inside the pipe would stop flowing. However, when the metal round disc has rotated to a quarter turn, the flows will pass the butterfly valves at the fastest speed. Here is some information about different types of butterfly valves which may help you to understand the principle of the water control.


Generally speaking, we can define three main kinds of Butterfly Valve according to the pressure rating. Firstly, the resilient butterfly valve is a kind of valve designed to have a low pressure rating by using a flexible rubber. The high performance butterfly valve has an impressive sealing ability, meaning it can be used in the higher pressure system. The materials and the structure of the triple offset butterfly valve ensure that the valve can undertake a very high water pressure. The butterfly valve has many advantages.


Compared with other types of valves, the butterfly valve is more cheap and reliable. There are many important designs ensuring these advantages. Triple eccentric design protects the seat and the metal disc at the same time. It decreases the friction level between seat and disc. Besides, triple eccentric design also protects the valves from corrosion with some kinds of heavy oil. In some special condition, people can not foresee the direction of fluids. Hence people invent water-style butterfly valves, which can block flows from different direction. Another important design is Lug butterfly valve . This kind of butterfly valve can guarantee the undisturbed operation of two piping system.


To sum up, butterfly valve is a favored among the engineers all round the world for its many advantages. The demands for this kind of valve would keep rising in the foreseeable future.

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