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The way of butterfly valve to work

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-12-26      Origin: Site

When it comes to the benefits of butterfly valve, butterfly industrial valves are always useful for quite a few parts, especially for automotive components. These valves come from a family of valves known as pneumatic actuator quarter turn valves. 


Here is the content list:

  • What is a quarter-turn butterfly valve?

  • Different kinds of butterfly valves

  • Applications of butterfly valves


What is a quarter-turn butterfly valve?

A quarter-turn valve is a valve that opens or closes when the handle rotates a quarter-turn. The butterfly valve consists of a metal disc, which adapts the name butterfly valve, is mounted on a rod. When the valve closes, the disc completely blockages the passage. When the valve is opened, the disc rotates a quarter of a turn to make the passage unrestricted. So liquid or oxygen can pass through. The advantages of quarter turn butterfly valve are as follows.

Economical and reliable replacement with ball valves

Reliable low torque, quarter turn operation

Its design is simple and compact, which can realize full flow and forward flow shutoff

Offers a wide range of body and sealing materials, including stainless steel, brass and lightweight PFA

Different kinds of butterfly valves

The disc position is affected by the outside of the valve. There are quite a few completely different types of butterfly valves. Elastic butterfly valves depend on the versatility of rubber. This is the lowest pressure level. Substantial overall performance butterfly valves are composed of a slightly offset mounted disc. Offset installation makes valves more hermetically sealed and reduces installation. This valve can be used in more stress techniques. For greater stress techniques, the triple eccentric butterfly valve should be used. This valve has a metal seat for greater pressure.

1. Double Offset Butterfly Valve

Double offset butterfly valve has the advantages of small friction torque, flexible opening, and because of its eccentric cone Angle, it can realize self-locking when the valve is closed. In a variety of harsh and critical process control lines, whether it is on or off valves or control valves, as long as the selection is appropriate, you can safely use the disc valve. The sealing position of sealing ring and valve seat is adjusted by the crankshaft to make assembly more convenient, and at the same time, the sealing ring can be forced to press the valve seat to achieve two-way sealing, and the sealing is strengthened, the action of three eccentricity is also strengthened.

2. Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Because triple offset butterfly valve adopts multiple seals, it is machined into an elliptical section sealing ring through high-precision machining, and the Triple offset butterfly valve and the valve seat metal sealing face constitute the sealing pair. Triple offset butterfly valve does not have stamping stress, welding stress, elastic annealing or bite and brittle crack phenomenon in high or low temperature working conditions. It completely solves the problem of leakage caused by unreasonable sealing structure of traditional butterfly valve and greatly improves the sealing reliability of valve.

3. Centerline Butterfly Valve

The centerline butterfly valve structure characteristic is the valve stem axis, the butterfly plate center, the body center in the same position. Simple structure and convenient manufacture. Common rubber butterfly valve is one of these. The disadvantage is that the butterfly plate and valve seat are always in the extrusion, scraping state, resistance distance, wear fast. In order to overcome the squeeze, scratch, ensure the sealing performance, the valve seat basically uses rubber or PTFE and other elastic materials, but also because of the sealing material in the use of temperature restrictions, this is why the traditional people think butterfly valve is not resistant to high temperature.



Applications of butterfly valves

Even though butterfly valves are utilized in quite a few factors, the most typical use is in car elements. For instance, a carburetor of an auto utilizes a butterfly valve to work. The pedal of the auto is pressed to open the valve that controls the power plant's oxygen ingestion. This enables oxygen and gasoline to blend to preserve the correct ratio required to pass via the ingestion valves to the combustion chamber, in which it is ignited by the power plant. When the auto is just idling or operating without the need of pressing the pedal, the butterfly valve is partially opened, permitting a scaled-down quantity of oxygen to pass via to preserve idle pace.


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