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Tips for Checking Butterfly Valve

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-10-29      Origin: Site


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The butterfly valve is the end adjustment instrument in pneumatic actuators, so it is necessary to make sure its quality through checking butterfly valve frequently. And the butterfly valves are equipped with technique pipelines to adjust the flow, pressure of adjusted medium according to the control technique parameters.

In addition, the butterfly valve will keep in touch with technique flow medium with high temperature, high pressure, cold, strong corrosion, high viscosity, easy to crystal and coke, poisonous performance, so the butterfly valve is the instrument that is easy to be corroded, flushed, cavitated, aged and damaged, all of these are going to cause difficulty in the middle of manufacturing the butterfly valve. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to checking butterfly valve.


And before running the butterfly valve, it is necessary to adjust the butterfly valve. And it is necessary to correct the system before running the butterfly valve. And in the middle of running the butterfly valve, it is possible to stop all valves. And the butterfly valve should work within normal application range. And when using the hand wheel, it is possible to pay attention to the position of the hand wheels. And in the middle of running the butterfly valve, it is possible to forbid adjusting the positions of springs and valve rod.


Apart from this, it is also necessary to pay attention to checking butterfly valve before using the butterfly valve. It is possible to check whether the air source pressure of the butterfly valve is normal, whether the fastening components of air pipelines are loose and whether there is leakage of the instrument. In addition, it is also possible to pay attention to checking the feeding and flange connection to see whether there is technique medium leakage, whether the flange and valve rod connecting components are fastened and whether there is severe scratch or transformation of the valve rod. 

And it is necessary to check the fence condition of the instrument pipelines and whether the sealing of the service entrance. And in the middle of checking electric actuators, it is necessary to check whether the running of the valve rod is steady, whether the journey and output signal is corresponding and whether all components of valve have corrosion.


In addition, it is necessary to check butterfly valve in detail. Special check refers not to daily inspection but it is necessary to be carried out. However, the inspection changes with seasons and period like instrument condition and water proof condition of the valve location. And the maintenance and preservation of the butterfly valve are also parts of the inspection of the butterfly valve. The preservation refers to lube, clear of all components to prolong the service life of the valves. And it is necessary to clean frequently to keep neat, especially the flexible parts of valve rod, locator as well as reflection rod.

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