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Fugitive Emission Valves-Take Environmental Protection into Consideration

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-10-02      Origin: Site

Fugitive Emission Valves are those valves which bleed only a small amount of leakage to the external environment. In some European countries, there are customized companies to provide Fugitive Emission Testing Service for the local manufactures and end users.


Fugitive Emission Valves-Take Environmental Protection into Consideration

List of content for this article:

1. The Fugitive Emission Test Standards,

2. The emission testing for industrial valves,



Fugitive Emission Test Standards

At present, the Fugitive Emission Test Standards of International authority are the following three: EPA method 21, ISO 15848 and SHELLMESCSPE77/312. Among them, EPA method 21 had detailed descriptions of rules for the Fugitive Emission Testing Methods. ISO 15848 and SHELLMESCSPE77/312 evaluate the performance of the valves in three aspects, such as Tightness Class, Endurance Class and Temperature Class. The classes are evaluated as A, B or C.


Presently, environmental protection has been a top-concern topic of the whole world. In the wake of environmental protection awareness, the requirements for the tightness performance of the valves have risen up to a new stage. European countries had already issued new emission regulations. (especially for valves and flange connections) With the implementation of this regulation, better sealing solution is urgently needed to reduce the pressure loss and resist gas emission.


The emission testing for industrial valves

Fugitive Emission Valves have already been adopted for the pipes in which the medium is poisonous, flammable and combustible. The emission testing for these valves are quite different from normal ones. The Leakage cannot be judged only by regular Air Test or Hydrostatic Test. In this case, helium instead of nitrogen will be used for the testing. Under the operation of the special facility, valves will be opened and closed automatically and frequentlyat the speed of 50 times per minutes to ensure the tightness. In the whole process, VOC testing facility is equipped nearby to monitor and show the sealing performance. High density and tightness of the gaskets and packing are key points.

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