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How to Improve Butterfly Valves Lifespan

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-12-11      Origin: Site

Butterfly valves are very crucial in the improvement of actuators function, thus guaranteeing the good function and longer lifespan of butterfly valve to enhance the whole machine of actuators efficiency becomes imperative, which will be fully explained as below.


1. Butterfly valves, which are either manual, pneumatic, electric actuators in the factory should be strictly debugging. Sealing performance, when the use for re-examination, should be uniformly fixed export propionate side. Close the butterfly valves on the inlet side of the pressure at the outlet side of the phenomenon to observe whether the leak in the pipeline strength test, you should open the disc to prevent damage to the seal.

2. Confirm our products before installing butterfly valves performance and make sure they are consistent with the medium flow arrow movement condition, and cleaned the valve cavity. Do not with impurities and outside objects in the ring butterfly valves board, must not be turned off before cleaning butterfly valves to prevent damage to the seals.

3. The pneumatic valve installation is useful for flange butterfly valve, for special flange recommended socket welding steel flanges.

4. Pneumatic valve mounts the position in the pipeline, which has the best location for the legislature but not for the flip.

5. Although rigorous inspection and test, there are also individual products before the pneumatic valve factory in transit automatic screw displacement, need to re- adjust the pneumatic valve. Please refer to the relevant supporting pneumatic device manual.

6, Metal sealed butterfly valve pneumatic tubing is not suitable for installation in the end, as must be installed in the pipeline ends to be equipped with outlet flange taken to prevent the seals backlog gone too.

7. Electric butterfly valves have made good debugging for closing and opening programs before going out of the factory. To prevent the wrong direction when the power is turned on, the user after the first power, firstly with a manual, wrench to open valve in the middle position. Press the power switch in the direction of the indicator disc to check electric actuators butterfly valves can be closed in the same direction.

8. Regularly check butterfly valves installation reaction results, immediately find fault and ruled out.

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