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Lift check valve features

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-03-08      Origin: Site


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Typically, lift check valves are automatic valves that open under the pressure of fluid in one direction and act to prevent flow when the fluid flows in the opposite direction. The valve flap of the lift check valve is on the sealing surface of the valve seat, and its valve can be automatically raised and lowered.


When working, the pressure of the fluid causes the valve flap to be lifted from the bottom of the valve seat. If the medium returns, the valve flap will return. It is on the valve seat, so the back flow of the fluid is cut off. The valve disc is made of many materials, either metal or rubber.


Lift check valve features

(1) small size and light weight;

(2) The lifting check valve has simple structure, reliable operation and convenient maintenance. It is widely used in purification equipment, petroleum, chemical and other production operations;

(3) Because of its clever design, it can automatically open and close the valve to prevent back flow of fluid.

(4) The flap of the lift check valve is usually in the shape of a disc and usually rotates around the center of the valve seat. And because it works vertically along the center line of the valve body, it forms a streamlined shape in the passage inside the valve, and its flow resistance is small.


Lift check valve installation

The lift check valve should be properly installed in accordance with the relevant regulations during installation. The valve should be cleaned before installation to ensure that no damage is received during transportation. If you store for a long time, be sure to check the rust regularly. When installed, it is usually installed on a horizontal pipe with the bonnet facing up. After installation, carefully check the connection between the valve body and the bonnet, whether the nut is tightened, whether there is any damage on the flange, etc.


The advent of lift check valves has facilitated our industrial production and automatically controls the direction of the fluid to prevent safety incidents.


The valve flap of the lift check valve is automatically operated. Generally, a conical disc is pressed between the inlet and the outlet of the valve on the metal valve seat. A spring can be added to the valve flap to preload. When the fluid is flowing forward, the cone valve is disengaged from the wide seat and the valve is opened under the action of fluid pressure. When back flowing, the valve flap falls back to the valve seat under the combined action of its own weight, spring force (if spring preload is provided) and fluid return pressure, and the valve closes.

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