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The Features of the Ball Valve

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-10-26      Origin: Site


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In developed western countries, the application of the ball valve is increasing. And in our country, we need to know why to use ball valve. Actually, the ball valves has been widely used in oil refining, long pipelines, chemistry, paper making, pharmacy, water treatment, electricity as well as steel industry, occupying important position in national economy.


And the ball valve possesses the movement of 90 degrees with ball rotation and circular hole or path. And the industrial valve is playing a cutting, distribution as well as changing of the flow direction in the whole system. And it is possible to close the ball valve with the operation of 90 degrees rotation and small rotation torque. Actually, another reason why to use ball valve is because that the ball valve is most suitable for acting as switch and cutting valve. And the ball valve belongs to electric valve, so it is possible to pay attention to the pipeline parameter and using environment because the electric valve is a kind of electromechanical equipment.


In addition, the reason why to use ball valve is due to its advantages. First of all, the ball valve has abrasion resistance due to alloy steel weld material of the valve core with hard sealing. And the sealing loop of the ball valve uses alloy steel weld material as well. Therefore, it is unable to create large abrasion during running the electric actuators.


And the ball valve also possesses favorable sealing performance because the sealing of the ball valve uses artificial sealing. In addition, the ball valve has light switch. The bottom of the sealing loop uses springs sealing loop to connect to the valve core tightly, so when the outer force is larger than the spring force the switch of the ball valve is very light that not same as gate valve and other valves. In addition, the ball valve has long service life. And ball valve has been used in oil, chemistry, electricity, paper making, aviation as well as rocket industry. And now, its application range even spreads to people’s daily life.


Another reason why to use ball valve is because the ball valve has compact structure, reliable sealing, simple structure as well as easy maintenance and favorable sealing performance. The sealing surface and the ball surface are on close condition, so it is hard to corrode the ball valve, which is convenient to operation and maintenance. And it is possible to work under ordinary working medium like water, acid as well as natural gas and medium of section and connecting pipelines. And it is also capable of being used to adjust and control liquid.


All in all, the reason why to use ball valve is due to its high efficiency, favorable quality as well as performance. Therefore, the ball valve is playing an important role in modern society.

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