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Gate valve installation

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-07-03      Origin: Site


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Gate valves can be divided into parallel gate valves, wedge gate valves, lift gate valves, rotary lever gate valves, quick opening and closing gate valves, shrink gate valves, and slab gate valves according to different classification methods.


List of content for this article´╝Ü

1.Instruction of industrial gate valve installation,

2.The installation steps for gate valve,

3.Precautions of gate valve installation.


High pressure carbo steel gate valve installation

Instruction of industrial gate valve installation,

1) The installation position, height, inlet and outlet direction must meet the design requirements, and the connection should be firm and tight.


2) All kinds of manual valves installed on the insulated pipe, the handles must not be downward.


3) The visual inspection must be carried out before the valve is installed. For valves with working pressure greater than 1.0 MPa and a shut-off function on the main pipe, the strength and rigorous performance tests shall be carried out before installation and shall be used after passing the test. In the strength test, the test pressure is 1.5 times the nominal pressure, the duration is not less than 5 min, and the valve casing and the packing should be free of leakage. In the rigorous test, the test pressure is 1.1 times of the nominal pressure; the test pressure shall meet the requirements and the leakage of the valve sealing surface shall be qualified.


Installation steps

1. According to the design and installation elevation, mark the vertical center line of the water outlet and the bottom elevation line of the gate valve on the wall surface of the water outlet. The deviation is not more than ±10mm. Also, check whether the center of the lifting body of the gate body and the reserved hole of the hoisting machine is reserved.


2. Lift the gate valve in place and stand firm;


3. Lift the gate valve to the wall and adjust the horizontality and verticality of the gate (the horizontality and verticality of the bottom groove and side groove of the door frame are not more than 1/1000). The gate valve frame is reliably connected with the embedded steel plate. The secondary casting adopts effective sealing measures to ensure that there is no leakage between the gate valve frame and the structure.


4. Install the gate valve thrust screw and the hoist base. The installation level and verticality meet the design requirements. The center of the screw hole of the hoist center and the gate valve plate should be on the same vertical line. The deviation of the verticality is not more than 1/1000, and the whole process is completed. The internal deviation is less than 2mm, and the gate valve thrust screw is connected. The gate thrust screw is adjusted to the vertical and the hoist is fixed. Then, the secondary concrete pouring of the gate valve and the hoist is performed.


5. Inspection:

1 After the gate valve is installed, check the installation accuracy to meet the installation requirements. The fasteners are firmly connected; check and fill the grease in the hoist;


2 Under the condition of no water, the opening and closing test of the gate valve is carried out, the operation is flexible, the action is in place, the screw is screwed smoothly, and the door panel has no card position, sudden jump, and abnormal noise;


3 Under the design water level, the gate valve can be opened and closed freely without a sudden jump, and the limit device should be sensitive, accurate and reliable;


4 Assist the supplier to conduct on-site leakage test according to the relevant regulations. Under the maximum design water level condition, the leakage of the gate valve is in compliance with the regulations.




Note that the installation direction of the gate valve must be perpendicular to the ground, and the special gate valve should be installed according to the instructions.

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